April 26, 2015



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Time to freshen-up your porches for the heavier, high-season use.  Porches are where we relax, snooze, entertain casually and feel the summer sun and breezes upon our artificially tanned and plumped skin.

First we need to understand the lexicon of porches - especially if you want to add-on or build a new outdoor space.
Your contractor might hear you describe a "modest porch" and what you're actually asking for is an "17th c. Venetian Piazza!"

May be enclosed by screen, latticework or other light frame walls extending from the main structure. 
 photo porch-mainshot_zpsoek8hsat.jpg

A gallery or corridor at ground level, sometimes higher, on the facade of a building and open air on one side, where it is supported by columns.
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An outdoor space that often adjoins a residence and is typically of hard, masonry paving.
 photo p9_zps9e994a3d.jpg

A fanciful name for a colonnaded porch.
 photo MichaelSmith_BuildingBeauty_p092-093_zps887aaeac.jpg

An open pillared gallery generally built around a central structure. It's often partly enclosed by a railing and frequently extends across the front and sides of the structure.
 photo p6_zps0f66f731.jpg

 A garden feature forming a shaded walk or passageway of pillars that support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice with vines trained across. 
 photo 20080719_are_are_208p.jpg

A freestanding pavilion structure often in parks, gardens and spacious areas and open on all sides
 photo P1010376.jpg

Literally means "beautiful view. It's used as a term for a high porch commanding a nice view.
 photo RobertAMStern5_zpsdc97e2d1.jpg

A wooden outdoor floor, usually elevated
 photo p13_zpse2ce9f47.jpg

An open courtyard-type space surrounded by columns on the interior of a home.
 photo 7villakerylos_zpsbcb79c17.jpg

W  H  A  T' S   Y  O  U  R   S  T  Y  L  E  ?
This covered patio is one of my favorite outdoor spaces, ever! The beautiful striped awning (which is not an expensive addition) with the Moroccan lanterns creates feel of a wonderful Moroccan or Spanish villa. The combo of the wicker with a re-purposed cocktail table keeps the tone down. 
I see flowing white caftans and jeweled sandals!

You're going all like OMG, right? I know!  Wall & floor tiles, cast stone columns and the olive oil jars all add to the 'continental' feeling. The simple furniture allows the architecture and vegetation to be the "star player." 
Hmmmm... maybe a Pucci knit dress and Chanel ballet slippers?

 photo p8_zps63768f79.jpg
GTFO! Some musica di chitarra and vino rossa you're immediately transported to Lago di Como or Ravello.  The classical Italian feel is uncluttered and molto elegante! 
Here, it's definitely a white linen two-piece, hair pulled back with Hermes scarf and bare-feet with coral toe-nail polish!

D  E  C  O  R  A  T  I  N  G    T  R  I  C  K  S

 photo FERGUSON AND SHAMAMIAN12_zpsaedxltux.jpg
Dark Green Painted Ceilings: Yes, they actually make the spaces feel shady and cooler.

 photo porch_zpss0clt1ln.jpg

Pale Blue Ceilings: Pale blue is an old southern tradition.
It lightens and brightens the porch and feels like an open sky

 photo _40-easyandageless-0508-xlg-29082717_zpsacmfkkry.jpg
Keep It Well Edited: The outside view is busy enough, don't incorporate busy patterns or too many colors or your porch look like Sanford and Sons.

 photo Christina Murphy_zpsmgfjpdbi.jpg
Color:  One or two-color schemes are always best. 
Much more impactful and easier to comprehend. Don't compete with the outdoors, you wont win....

 photo 1-SR_sag-harbor21-490x319_zpsy5bpzyqq.jpg
Flowers & Plants: Bring the garden into the porch; blur the lines by bringing plants and trees onto the porch.

 photo a11_zpsklrzsgbb.jpg
Use something usually for an interior space: A pair of chairs, porcelains or lamps.

C  U  R  T  A  I  N  S
There are zillions of outdoor curtain fabrics in many weights, colors and patterns - even sheers! (I know, craycray, right?)
 photo 115193702938662828_KI85scyl_f_zpsmvktkbbl.jpg

Tied back curtains add softness, but also a touch of formality.
 photo antonia_hutt_zpsw15y2230.jpg

 photo 3090470eb28950e3faea874f64ca20a2_zps0vyjngy4.jpg
Porch curtains can be utilitarian too, you can close them to block the sun or abate an evening breeze. 
The idea of softly drifting curtains in the breeze can getcha all romantic too....   

A  P  P  R  O  P  R  I  A  T  E  N  E  S  S

 photo a16_zps4xvu1mqr.jpg
Mediterranean Style
If your home is Mediterranean-style, or southwestern then this direction and flavor is what's appropriate. A warm palette, all iron furniture and masculine architecture are the key elements of this porch.  
This would look silly on a colonial porch in Virginia. 

 photo buatta hilary ross_zps6twb5del.jpg
The grand, All-American porch! 
Using one simple fabric keeps it clean-lined and attractive. The blue and white is woven through the entire outdoor area; paving stones, upholstery, even the flowers in the garden are all blue.
Looks great in the Hampton's, but would look silly and feminine in Texas!   

 photo CHARLOTTE MOSS_zpsaelmocca.jpg
Clean-lined traditional is always a winner!
By editing and keeping it simple, it almost feels contemporary.
The all-white furniture highlights the structure and the mossy-green upholstery blends beautifully with the green of the garden. 
This porch's scheme is great for any region with lush vegetation, but not for a desert, southwest locale. 

 photo 3446fce7cb3dcbf6c7497aa7891709f7_zpsizbvrl4e.jpg
Classic, casual and cool!
Here, the elegance is implied by the architecture, the designer followed through with the decorations and a simple palette.
Would look good anywhere! 

 photo C. Weaks Interiors2_zpsrdxelk1b.jpg
Country-Fried Chic!
The mountains, woods, low-lands or the prairie are the perfect places for this style porch. The causal architecture is enhanced by the suite of matching wicker in pale tones.
This would look odd in Lajolla!

I  N  E  X  P  E  N  S  I  V  E    &    A  W  E  S  O  M  E

 photo 79edb097bd066c1b45fcaf152d42346c_zpsdvs3fpnx.jpg

A little bit of this with a little bit of that!
Their formula for success is they have kept everything white and rattan color.  The accessories are large-scale so they don't get lost in the great outdoors. Small accessories look cutesy and low-budge.

 photo a12_zpswzuf3cvp.jpg

A scrappy cinderblock-walled porch is zhuzhed up by painting tag-sale stuff with pretty paint colors drawn from the rug.

 photo p11_zps5bef1b53.jpg

If you like mid-century - buy a few things at resale shops, CB2 or West Elm that express your style. The success lies in the simplicity here.

 photo a18_zpsilg4atha.jpg

Simplicity + Pier1 = Success

 photo 8f1cbc330cae75d2da21ba36b060a2be_zpspwtdsy4s.jpg

Granny's old stuff will rock da house if you just spray-paint it white and put snapppy colored cushions on it.
Boom, yer done!

You Can Do It, I'm Here To Help!

March 19, 2015


 photo 21_ bill blass sutton place new york_zpspufajng6.jpg


The word  handsome  is usually used to describe a man, however, the most naturally stylish women in the world are Italian women; they're considered 'handsome' as they don't employ cutesy tricks, frilly clothes or superfluous details -  they're always chic as they're always well-tailored and simply dressed.

Handsome Room means the same thing; well-edited spaces with good architectural bones and simple furniture. 
It's  not  about 'decorative' or 'trendy' furnishings and piles of schmaltzy/girly accessories. 

 photo 6_ bill blass sutton place new york_zpshi64wo3l.jpg
Mr. Blass' Sutton Place apartment was so drop-dead gorgeous when it first hit the pages of House and Garden back in the late 80's that I think every interior designer re-tooled their 'schtick.'
 photo 22_ bill blass bedroom jacobus bittius painting_zpsfxj0dyua.jpg
First published during a maelstrom of colorful, chintz-laden, 'more-is-more' interiors, and yet his hyper-edited rooms were quite simply white painted walls with brown furniture and masculine objet d'art 
 photo 004_ bill blass new preston ct_zpsx7qaulqu.jpg
Mr. Blass' New Preston, Connecticut home employed the same aesthetic: Beautiful objects, slightly lower-tone brown furniture casually arranged in a simplistic, no-frills space.
 photo 7_ bill blass new preston ct_zpszefziyh6.jpg
His Connecticut bedroom had simple, brown painted walls, slipcovers, bare floors and very few decorations.

It's total decorator porn!

 photo kogan study David Kleinberg_zpsgvhsvpoa.jpg

(Source: David Kleinberg)
Architecturally succinct with no frills = handsome! 
Mocha upholstery actually sets off the well-detailed paneling; white upholstery would've create a sea of white and details would be lost. 

 photo New York designer Marshall Watson  2_zpsgywz8raj.jpg
(Source: Marshall Watson)
English architecture and furnishings help parlay any room into a handsome one. Notice the lack of porcelains, gilded frames and patterned fabrics

 photo HOUS EBEAUTIFUL_zpszzxxkx6g.jpg
(Source: House Beautiful)
When you lose the curly-cues, zhuzhy back-splash tiles, swirly stone tops and cutesy accessories you'll have a handsome kitchen.

 photo valentinos BF Giancarlo Giametti_zpsr8lkox4v.jpg
(Source: Giancarlo Giametti)
This room is neither masculine or feminine
it's  just balls-to-the-wall chic!
Each piece is perfect - the art, the furniture - and the lack of crap or superfluous lamps on each table.  

 photo equistrian diamond baretta design_zpsqsibdg1i.jpg
(Source: Baretta Diamond)
Walk into this foyer and you'll immediately 'get it!'
White painted walls, equestrian art, plaid fabric and  no  carpets or schmaltzy chandeliers

 photo MichaelSmith_BuildingBeauty_p062-063_zps6vum47j7.jpg
(Source: Michael Smith)
Prissy bathrooms get skanky so quickly, right?!?
The simple fusion of the honey-colored paneling, antique wood pieces with beige tones creates a very sophisticated bathroom. 
The Moorish mosaic definitely adds a masculine note. 

 photo Home by Palmer Weiss_zpsbdnfpras.jpg
(Source: Palmer Weiss)
A typical pre-war apartment gets brought into the 21st century by simplifying, using a warm palette and classically-styled furniture. 

 photo item2.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.amelia-handegan-02-library_zpsy2haibgj.jpg
(Source: Amelia Handegan)
What makes this traditional room 'handsome' are the books, English furniture and a very simple palette with few patterns.

 photo bunny williams 2_zpsx2be9gri.jpg
(Source: Bunny Williams)
Pierce Brosnan kinda handsome!
No tsochke's, no frills, elegant antiques and brown-tones!
BOOM, there it is!

 photo 385_1_1g_zpsc6bok14e.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
French and Italian antiques are combined with modern pieces to create a totally up-to-date 'handsome' space. 

 photo 1-6-BruceBudd122_zpsr0quoiax.jpg
(Source: Bruce Budd)
Nuances of Mr. Blass are present here, except with the addition of a few contemporary pieces, which all melds into and a well-edited, "collected look" without the usual collected-look clutter!!

 photo waldo fernandez_zps5z6tqzlf.jpg
(Source: Waldo Fernandez)
White painted walls replace the ubiquitous striped foyer wallpaper, and a simply accessorized George IV center table replaces the formulaic: chest-lamp-pair-of-hall-chairs  schtick 

 photo Southern California Horse Ranch - Ellen DeGeneres Portia de Rossi Santa Monica Home_zps7rmfwjqc.jpg
(Source: Ellen deGeneres & Portia de Rossi)
Two lesbians have the most beautiful 'casually handsome' space in this missive on handsome rooms  - go figure...
The lounge in their horse barn is without all the typical equestrian gimmicks; unpretentious, worn furnishings supply the comfy-lets-hang-out-y'all  vibe.   

 photo ALEX PAPACHRISTIDIS 55_zpsjmibqckk.jpg

(Source: Alex Papachristidis)
A modest foyer gets a punch of grandiosity with a few antiques (from several periods) and a kick-ass, two-tone chevron stained floor.
(The old Roman prints of naked dudes doesn't hurt either...)

 photo 03-decorating-with-books-birch-coffey_zpsz98uko2l.jpg

(Source: Birch Coffey)
A country cottage ditches the tired-ass gingham curtains, rag rugs and pine furniture for a few handsome statement pieces - ergo replacing cute with calming.

 photo SUPER YACHT TIMES LYANA_zpsx7q9unby.jpg
(Source: Super Yacht Times)
Yacht interiors usually look like discotheques or nouveau riche versions of an Englishman's library.  Here, the designer has allowed the sea views to override the quiet, tailored interiors 

 photo designer J. Randall Powers. Featured in Elle Decor 1_zps353kapne.jpg
(Source: J. Randall Powers)
Each piece in this room is part of a puzzle. 
And, like a puzzle, there are no redundant, or superfluous pieces.

 photo Design by Betsy Brown. Architecture by Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern_zpsruqtzsav.jpg
(Source: Bates-Corkern Architecture)
A graphic carpet mixed with clean-lined furnishings and a simple palette create a contemporary version of 'handsome' 
Some trendy piece of furniture, or, yet another, Warhol silkscreen would take this from handsome to boredom...

 photo adff818318c5153d2f242e47686b9ac3_zpsbnc5pozt.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
This home exemplifies 'updated traditional' 
Clean lined, appropriate architecture punctuated with bold art and English furniture.

 photo Reese Witherspoon turns to her friend Kristen Buckingham 2_zpsdznpuwis.jpg
(Source: Kristen Buckingham)
Random furnishings floating around in this heavily beamed room feels solid and forthright; there's no unneeded curtains, carpets or textiles, only pure, honest materials like leather, sisal and linen.

 photo Waldo Fernandez10_zpskbqypwxd.jpg
(Source: Waldo Fernandez)
Fernandez has always successfully achieved "handsome" by combining light-and-airy with warm, dark furniture and honest, almost primitive textiles.