September 17, 2014


 Definition: a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity

 photo rticalvervoordt-02-axel-vervoordt-provence-picasso-home_zpsa9974213.jpg

Since the Reagan era, 'conspicuous consumption' has ruled interiors in America. That "we-have-more-than-you-do" look has persisted through the latest trend of overpriced plastic'y, 70's retro-glam crap.
 The new trend-setters couldn't care less about Trump-ish prodigality as it's ALL about self-expression, comfort and individuality.

M  I  N  I  M  A  L  I  S  M 

 photo ordt-04-axel-vervoordt-cote-dazur-villa-pierre-jeanneret_zps488f4b72.jpg
(Source: Axel Vervoordt)
Vervoordt does minimalism like no other - with soul and depth.
Soft curtains, hard surfaces and the wooden chairs thrown in for warmth.  Boom, there it is!

 photo 31416c9e22b7a001a772e16a0ea1a82c_zpscdc9d236.jpg
(Source: Elle Decor)
A minimalist space with vintage mid-century pieces feels warmer than you'd expect, thanks to the raw stucco and natural woods.

 photo 44-belvedere-designrulz-022_zps10486031.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
Craycray, ok?
There's such sophistication in these details that they don't need to be covered up by mouldings or superfluous furniture.

 photo ErpicumampPartnersAABE_zpsd55a5f30.jpg
(Source: Erpicum and Partners)
Off-da-chain with that view, riiight??
The clear Philippe Starck Eros chairs are perfect as they don't create any visual interruptions... 

 photo designrulz_zps98b4ccec.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
You don't always get to pick the style of your house, but you can pick what you do with it. By not overshadowing the architecture and flooring, the warmth and details are complimented by the few simple furnishings.  

 photo JenniferPost_zps32b9b315.jpg
(Source: Jennifer Post)
This isn't true minimalism - but it's definitely a minimalist approach.
 It's simplicity is  its beauty.   

 photo 7bfd62309846b48670ba9bac659c68ca_zpsd50d6838.jpg
(Source: Axel Vervoordt)
These clean-lined contemporary pieces juxtaposed with a 17th century building creates artistic tension between the modern and the ancient.

 photo GovaertampVanhoutteArchitectenjpg2_zpse97c8667.jpg
(Source: Govaertamp Vanhoutte Architecten)
The no-boast kitchen!
No schmaltzy cabinets, no crazy marble, no coffin-sized range hood, no commercial appliances, just the natural light and a blurring of the lines between the indoors and outdoors. 

 photo 2andreeputmanhabituallychic1_zps4ec9dbbb.jpg
(Source: Andree Putman)
A formal French apartment dials the grandeur down by painting the boiserie paneling white and using only what's absolutely necessary.
 Solid colored textiles create a contemporary, calm feeling.

 photo BelgiumArchitectsfirmAtelierDrsquoArchitectureBrunoErpicumampPartners_zps2d7af54e.jpg
(Source: Atelier Bruno Erpicum)
In an amazing space like this you'd expect some Oprah dollars to be thrown around, right?  
This interior doesn't draw your attention from the architecture - it balances it, harmoniously, quietly.

 photo GovaertampVanhoutteArchitecten_zps6421566a.jpg
(Source: Govaertamp Vanhoutte Architecten)
I loves me a big white room! 
The U-shaped sectional and two Aalto chairs are simply perfect.

 photo Singapore-basedarchitecturalfirmONGampONG_zps56536e42.jpg
(Source: Ong & Ong)
A desk and a chair, what else do you need for a home office, 
Tartan plaid wallpaper? Persian carpets?

 photo e3969eff854c180db8e4ee7591e810e4_zpsf2bcad03.jpg
(Source: AD)
DAMN that's hot!!!!!
Or, perhaps should we add damask wallpaper and a leopard carpet runner?

 photo Newzealand-basedFearonHayArchitects_zps06a1d320.jpg
(Source: Fearon Hay Architects)
A glass pavilion with views to die for... unobscured by chazerai 

 photo get-attachment7_zpsfb80036f.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Lean, clean, food preparing machine...
Just look how sophisticated lighting makes this space glow.

B  E  D  R  O  O  M  S   &   B  A  T  H  R  O  O  M  S

 photo Newzealand-basedFearonHayArchitects3_zps9c6a845e.jpg
(Source: Fearon Hay Architects)
See what your missing when you install all those colonial-style windows with crazy OTT curtains?

 photo copper-house-ii-studio-mumbai-designrulz_zpsf5ab29f7.jpg
(Source: Copper House II Studio)
A modest country cottage strips away all the expected 'country propaganda' creating a restful and authentic space.

 photo josephdirandparis3_zps735b8fb2.jpg
(Source: Joseph Dirand)
Lose the precious hardware, luxurious finishes and elaborate stones; get up-to-date with unpolished stone,  raw plaster and inconspicuous hardware - create a natural environment for bathing not a Vegas experience.

 photo get-attachment5_zps32ba31fd.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
No whipped up canopy bed or expensive furniture emulating some royal bedchamber in the 18th century...just purity of form in the most personal room in the house.

 photo ke49-aBedampBreakfast_zps721a3c7a.jpg
(Source: Belgian Bed and Breakfast)
Simple, inexpensive, serviceable and yet sophisticated!

T  H  E     N  E  W     M  I  N  I  M  A  L  I  S  M

Historically, minimalism was always about modern houses with modern furniture, a true revolt from centuries of decoration. 
The newest minimalism includes the occasional antique piece or ethnic textile as an art object, which brings a historical reference to an often too frigid space.

 photo get-attachment1_zps614d2de7.jpg
(Source: AD)
A large pre-war apartment banishes the fringes, velvets and tapestries in favor of clean-lined, modern furnishings combined with mis-matched antique mirrors which add charm and patina.

 photo get-attachment8_zps94c4f195.jpg
(Source: Marie Claire Maison)
A grandly-scaled Georgian room blows off the 'period' look by kicking the antiques to the curb and introducing 21st century contemporary art and furnishings. 
Note: Historic rooms don't need to be decorated in the period in which they were built!

 photo thomasjayne_zps7945b0bb.jpg
(Source: Thomas Jayne)
Amazing contemporary art and the finest American antiques are deftly commingled to create a serenely spare space.

 photo DinderHouseahistoricGeorgianbuildinginSomersetEngland_zps11f0e3db.jpg
(Source: Dinder House)
The size of this room would traditionally demand heavy, over scaled, 'serious' furnishings; but here the multi-colored Eames chairs with the crazy armoire and the Victorian mirror all look like a happily blended, modern mish-mosh of minimalism.

 photo marieclairemaisin3_zpsc54b4338.jpg
(Source: Marie Claire Maison)
At the seaside, this single whale vertebra makes a much bolder, more contemporary statement than a heaving amount of nautical bibelot piled on each surface.
Less is more....

 photo interiors-8FRESHOME_zpsdbebffb0.jpg
(Source: Freshome)
Use only what you need, superfluous decorations are passé!
Minimalism usually makes one think of white with gray and a touch of black - but not here, the blues and lavenders kick it up!

 photo get-attachment9_zps71b5a4c0.jpg
(Source: Architectural Record)
Shut The Front Door!
Can't even....

 photo get-attachment10_zpsc0e25f8b.jpg
(Source: AD)
Who says country can't be minimalistic?
LOVE LOVE LOVE how edited this space is.

 photo 7autumnhabituallychic1_zps2fa24b05.jpg
(Source: Habitually Chic)
Remember the definition of minimalism? 
"Marked by extreme spareness and simplicity"
This is it!

 photo 052580de6f0eb6e98d2ad50704562c12_zpsece49a8e.jpg
(Source: Axel Vervoordt)
A single piece from many periods creates an interesting collage of style. The secret here is: Authentic, pure and not much more.  

S   C   H   M   I   N   I   M   A   L   I   S   T
(Schmaltzy minimalists)

 photo PatriciaHerreraLansingsNewYorkapartment_zps13bae048.jpg
So close - and yet so far....
By swapping these dining chairs for some clean-lined, or solid color ones this would be a great room, but those orange and gold  leopard repro French chairs look totally ridiculous, completely ruining a cool room!  
(Look at the chair seats, they're like Jiffy-Pop, all rounded up...whaddup wit dat?)

 photo RichardMeier-designedDallasmansion_zpsa15f42e5.jpg
Typical middle-aged suburban modernism...
(balancing minimalism with a furniture salesman's advice) 

 photo zen-room-design-3_zps9860c297.jpg
Minimalism goes SoCal...
Back are the days of footmen - to push in those 500lb chairs behind each guest.

 photo ownedbyAndreacuteBalazs_zpseeca503a.jpg
Scale is the problem here; the delicate contemporary furnishings are lost in a huge 18th century-style room. 

 photo freshome_zps0f89bdc2.jpg
You having a partayy in your bedroom?
What's up with all the seating (and no tables) it looks like a Bauhaus exhibit.

 photo -BruceBudd-TheWorldofInteriors_zps06d4bd4d.jpg
Is there no gravity in the room? 
Everything's floating aimlessly about in the space...

 photo b160562a2237f3a1a781abcd8131a11a_zps4c9d58ba.jpg

 photo White-Minimalist-Bedroom-Zen-Decor-of-Bonaldo_zps5463666e.jpg
If you wanna play the minimalist game you gotta have the right pieces. This looks like a temporary set-up with the detritus from another home...
(beds in front of windows almost always look goofy)

 photo designerCatherineKwong2_zpsb6b059b0.jpg
Eclectic .... maybe, but not minimalist...

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August 25, 2014



 photo b6262ebe4c811a3a92ad0e99437de889_zps641d715b.jpg

Bohemian Chic is a non-conformist, free-spirited expression of an individuals personal style. It loathes 'obvious consumption' and interiors created to impress.

  Bohemian Chic interiors were epitomized in the art-filled Parisian home of Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas
The uber-wealthy lezzie duo hosted renegade artists and writers at their salons, all of whom shared a passion for intellect, creativity and Alice's weed brownies. Meanwhile, Paris' nouveau riche flashed about town dining on caviar and champagne - ad nauseam....

 photo 6_man-ray-bw-alice-b-toklas-and-gertrude-stein1_zps50bb9d41.jpg
Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein in their drawing room surrounded by cubist, fauvist and expressionist artworks. 

Sixty years later, the rebelious daughter of French Count, Alain de la Falais, and 'muse' of Yves Saint Laurent, Loulou de la Falaise, hosted the  jet-set  in her cluttered, un-decorated Paris apartment - which was more focused on great conversations and comfort than pretense.
 photo falaise_0003_zpsb0839b61.jpg
Loulou Falaise mix-matched apartment in Paris

Fast forward forty-five years to Iris Apfel snatching the front pages from formulaic designers with her bohemian non-conformist style, expressing blatant disregard for 'blending in.'  
Instead, choosing to surround herself with eccentric pieces she's collected - not ones to impress the arrivistes. 
 photo item1renditionslideshowHorizontaliris-apfel-apartment-02-library_zps3556e914.jpg
Apfel's eclectic hodgepodge apartment in NYC

This aesthetic has always been considered 'eccentric,' and still is to the bourgeois, but the jokes on the detractor, not the occupant...

2 1 st.   C E N T U R Y   B O H E M I A N

 photo IsabelledeBorchgraveHouse_zps9626f894.jpg
(Source: Isabella de Borchgrave)
In this multi-colored, mis-matched space, there's no over-tweaked 'scheme' only ethnic textiles and bright accents which make this room feel alive. The plain white walls allow the color more freedom.

 photo bohemianvalhallablogsp_zpsdb5c92a6.jpg
(Source: Valhalla Blog)
A few hours at the Flea Market and Boom!
This place is crazy good, it feels clean and soft, like you wanna just fall into bed or curl up with a book.

 photo homeadore_zps9dcae889.jpg
(Source: Homeadore)
This persons art and books bring them comfort.
All of their treasures obfuscate the fact that the room in a dump, but the fun colors and eclectic art pieces make it feel rich.

 photo BelgiandecoratorLionelJadot4_zps148362d4.jpg
(Source: Belgian designer, Lionel Jadot)
Instead of the pretentious "Alpine ski-lodge schtick" these guys decided to make the place cozy and user-friendly. The clever mish-mosh of furniture and accessories creates a welcoming look without usurping the view.

 photo Lagattasultetto_zpsf9f8433f.jpg
(Source: Lagattasultetto)
Got an old bathroom and no money? No worries mate!
Slap a bold color up, arrange all your granny's old pictures on the walls and you'll knock it out of the park. 
Lesson: Don't spend money on something that's not worth it!

 photo John-Robshaw-home-EDC-1212-06-xl_zpsd8798dc4.jpg
(Source: John Robshaw)
Mr. Boheme himself, Robshaw surrounds himself with art and textiles from his global travels creating the look of a well-lived life, not a schmancy-pants decorated look.

 photo designrulz-oliver-perrott-3_zps93506580.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
This suburban kitchen expresses the occupants tastes with a myriad of baubles and mid-century modern - all displayed with restraint.
A little more stuff and it'll be filed under clutter.

 photo 16d657fb0730cf9c8b119507b49115d3_zps550df133.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Get some colorful pillows, coupla funky old rugs and colorful lanterns and soon you'll be actin' a foo, smokin' some killa, drinkin' some milla...

 photo marjorieskourasdesign_zps3b1ce4ca.jpg
(Source: Marjorie Kouras)
The cozy feeling is from the 'collected' pieces - all of which create a personalized feeling.

 photo MurielBrandolini22_zps916eb689.jpg
(Source: Muriel Brandolini)
'Asymmetrical' and 'catty-corner' are all bad words within the interior designers vernacular - but not in the Bohemian one. 
I love the lighter feel, using articulated upholstery with luxurious fabrics is old-fashioned, but elegant.

 photo designerWilliamFrawleyrsquosManhattanapartment_zps3b1ab913.jpg
(Source: William Frawley)
A beautiful example of "self-expression." 
The warm, masculine feeling of time-worn furniture used with collections of art and accessories feels orderly because it's carefully placed, creating calm - not chaos.

 photo AdeleneKeelerSmithInteriorDesign_zps49c65b73.jpg
(Source: Adelene Keeler Smith)
A free spirit pervades this room; the goofy, out-of-place elegance of the chandelier and upholstered bed juxtaposed with the milk-crate tables and vintage dresses hanging on the walls. 
This screams "it's the stuff I like, so fuck off!"

 photo FabrizioRollo1_zps18959caf.jpg
(Source: Brazilian designer, Fabrizio Rollo)
Some people are pack-rats and others are incurable collectors; try being the latter, not the former. 
Although this room has a touch of 'Sanford & Sons' it's very much an expression of the designer/occupants love of furniture and decorations. 

 photo FabrizioRollo5_zpse2bc8bc7.jpg
(Source: Brazilian designer, Fabrizio Rollo)
By culling through his possessions and using all blue items in one room it creates a less random feel, and still an un-decorated look. 

 photo salon-nimes-MarieClaireMason2_zps6dd31766.jpg
(Source: Marie Claire Maison)
Funky wall painting and kooky yard-sale-finds are all coordinated with one happy palette in this fun retro-mix. 

 photo creacuteatriceFabienneCollombel_zps0a085e13.jpg
(Source: Fabienne Collombel)
What if you're renting a house for the season somewhere and the patio is hideous?
Haul your ass to the local Pier-1 and spend a few hundred dollars and you'll love using your zhuzhed up patio.
Lesson: Stay away from 'themes' and 'cutesy' (e.g.: all items with matching fish designs, or pastels - which looks feminine)  

L E A N E R   C L E A N E R   B O H E M I A N

 photo marieclairemaisonjljl_zps1ae85e67.jpg
(Source: Marie Claire Maison)
Bohemian chic doesn't need to be cluttered with mementos, it's just not about adhering to the taste for ostentation. 
This insane porch has the view-of-all-views and yet they have chosen a few comfy things instead of Ralph Lauren'ing it to death. 

 photo marieclairemaison_zps730de9d7.jpg
(Source: Marie Claire Maison)
Table for five, no chairs matching please.
A small European cottage with no budget knocks it out of the park with color, courage and self-esteem! 

 photo THESTOCKBLOG_zps63415ad9.jpg
(Source: The Stock Blog)
I'm loving this quasi-edited urban space with art and books's so personal, you 'get' who lives here, not who their decorator is...

 photo HILL_zpsf1304995.jpg
(Source: Hill)
Bohemian isn't a 'period' or a specific aesthetic...
Here, Swedish chairs, an Irish console, an Arts and Crafts table and a bunch of other items from many periods are mixed into a stylish ensemble. Nothing over-coordinated or twee.   

 photo designerTonyEspuch_zps4dd4439e.jpg
(Source: Tony Espuch)
Cement floors are totally reactionary to all the schmaltzy tiles and marbles being used these days. Throw in an unfinished tub and some great sculpture, and whaddya have? Bo-chic!

 photo 1febfbe7b04c41ac9033162bcad8655a1_zpsba19892e.jpg
(Source: Elle Decor)
A personal collection of furniture and accessories is brought together in this casually edited room. Nothing is precious, just cool.

 photo jewelrydesignerFedericodeVera_zps108d95b7.jpg
(Source: Federicode Vera)
How can $3,000 worth of stuff look so amazing?

 photo MARYRA1_zpsd12e9361.jpg
(Source: Maryra)
Kick around the flea markets in your area (links at bottom of page), find some fab-funky-finds and bring them home and use them sparingly! 

 photo MartynLawrence-Bullard2_zps956287cc.jpg
(Source: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard)
The home of one of Americas hottest interior designers. 
His own home reflects his desire to live with an eclectic mish-mosh of things that he's found on his junkets, cozy and inviting.

F A U X - H E M I A N   R O O M S

 photo clothingdesignerAndrewGn_zps411ca672.jpg
This, believe it or not, is a contemporary space... 
It looks like Whistlers Mother should be sitting in there...
Wayyy too pretentious in its desire to look Bohemian. 

 photo peacock-chair-charleston-angie-hranowsky-bohemian-chic-patio_zpsd8ba73f0.jpg
Cute is never a good look, unless of course, your doing a nursery.
This just looks dumb, a small corner of an all-American porch with everything faux-Morrocan... feh!

 photo 23784704251555014_7cYrlBK2_f_zpsdffbd8ec.jpg
I've never thought about something looking pretentious and  spooky, but this looks like a setting for an Anne Rice novel. 

 photo hb_zpsff294053.jpg
Poor thing, was aiming for "The Sheik of Araby" and ended up with Disney's Aladdin...

 photo sigberg_zpsc0217fa4.jpg
I got a migraine just trying to figure out how to make fun of this hot mess...

 photo MurielBrandolini_zps52904fb4.jpg
A perfect example of Faux-hemian
The art, vintage furniture and accessories are all expensive collectors pieces. Therefore, their attempt to look 'bohemian' is a bust as you just can't pull that off when everything's expensive; some things needs to be humble to lower the tone and create atmosphere, they've created 'art-mosphere.'   

 photo MARIECLAIERMAISON222_zps06e63c22.jpg
Who thought this was a good idea??
It's just wayyy too cute; hopefully no straight dude lives here....

 photo 1ABMARIECLAIERMAISON_zps552b0214.jpg
Clearly, the drug problems aren't over in Mexico...
Eso es un lio caliente loco!

 photo 298ee50e7b50ee0051635513826785f5_zpsc85f23c6.jpg
Is this a ho-house in Lima Peru?
Everything's too color coordinated, too new and too store-bought looking... 

Click on these pink links to flea-markets in the USA, France and England














This blog-post is about the Bohemian aesthetic, and my next blog-post will be about the Minimalist aesthetic. 
Both are revolts against ostentation.

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