July 22, 2010


In 1990 Richard Arentz and I met while working on a residential project outside Middleburg, Virginia. He, the exterior landscape architecture and me the interiors.
The client was a well-known, internationally famous family, and certainly weren't the easiest to get along with.
We became fast friends and "sympathetic objectionists" toward each others work...as this was not an easily pleased client.

I've also been a huge fan of Frederick Law Olmstead. His legacies to America are monumental landscape projects such as Chicago's (Columbia) Worlds Fair, 1893; New York's Central Park 1853; lobbying Teddy Roosevelt to create and set aside land for the National Park's in 1890, and so on.
I'm wildly interested in landscape architecture, NOT just landscaping...
Richard's timeless projects are the sinews capable of such legacy.

Please look at this latest printing of his own stunning farm "Running Cedar" in Warrenton, Virginia. It's an amazing creation using the indigenous architectural vernacular for the buildings, yet tweaking them with his creative, clean-lined, contemporary aesthetic. The gardens are so well conceived and articulated that they seem "simple."
Enjoy what I actually get to visit occasionally... it's pure bliss.

Check out this article and his website as well below.


Arentz Landscape Architects LLC - HOME: www.arentzdc.com

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