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Oh Muriel this water's sooo cold....
 photo Outdoor_shower_collage_SSP_zpseefedff8.jpg

Oh Brad, this water's sooooooo HOT....
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There's something sensual and alluring about bathing in the outdoors; maybe it's an Adam and Eve moment when we feel at one with nature, or perhaps how good we feel when we abandon our Victorian  modesty about our bodies... 
Regardless, it's a great sensation.

I've designed several of these over the years and clients always comment on how much they continue to enjoy them
 photo 201004-w-shower-viceroy_zpsd6286ceb.jpg
(Source: Viceroy)
 The walled area outside eliminates any privacy issues and abates the animistic noises which are bound to happen with such a sexy bathing place. 

 photo V2-Ashoka-Canggu-by-Mencke-and-Vagnby-11_zps90858915.jpg
(Source: Mencke and Vagnby)
This outdoor "bathing room" accommodates a large stone tub and separate waterfall shower, how sexy is that? 

 photo SS_coolest_home_upgrades_outdoor_shower_zps4d2cd0c8.jpg
(Source: Architectural Review)
This bath has French doors opening out to a small private shower. Notice the water source outside - a bamboo branch.

 photo murdocksolonarchitects_zps8c0394cb.jpg
(Source: Murdock-Solon Arch.)
This contemporary bath with long-distance views opens to a balcony fitted with a shower so bathers can step through the indoor shower to take one outside - weather permitting.

 photo item6renditionslideshowWideVerticalkelly-klein-07-master-bath1_zps464c7b1b.jpg
(Source: Kelly Klein)
Kelly Klein, Calvin's beard for a while just built a new home in Palm Beach; her bathroom is partially outside and partially inside which is sexy and brilliant. Limited to tropical climates though

 photo 87960998941670186_q1MycPXb_c_zps03973162.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
This modern cement-walled shower has insulated doors which open to another outdoor shower to use in fair weather. The detail of the wooden flooring aligning with the outdoor decking is a nice detail.

 photo dafb0325da7b02296a756cdde8b379492ff71140_zpsfe9fbfdc.jpg
(Source: AD France)
This ocean front shower-porch is feekin' awesome!

 photo tumblr_loow0vhvng1qaiq3o_zpsea2ffeb0.jpg
(Source: Tumbler)
A contemporary home tucked into the woods utilizes a large side deck as their natural shower area just outside the master bedroom. I'm imagining all the local fauna lined up each morning for the show...

 photo pinterest_zpsa8704db7.jpg
(Source: Town and Country)
A stone residence has an intimate shower immediately outside the master suite for quick rinse-off's when needed... 
Notice the projecting stone ledges for the products and the teak wall piece holding the plumbing.

 photo 6216E1438B51FC4A24AA2DE21EF7_zps7590a4be.jpg
(Source: Casa Diseno)
A modern home located their outdoor shower convenient to the pool, beach and the main house. The sand washes back to the ground instead of into a drain.

Away from the house, but equally interesting 
 photo freshhome_zpsec132d54.jpg
(Source: Freshome)
Set into the side of the pool deck this wooden structure feels natural and private. Next time your four-year-old asks "where do babies come from" show them this photo...  

 photo pool-pavilion_05_zps521a9214.jpg
(Source:  Coastal Living)
Simple and successful!  An anti-room to hang your clothes to keep them dry and a large showering area with room for more than one person...

 photo katherineFieldlandscapedes_zps4158ae77.jpg
(Source: Katherine Fields Landscapes)
OMG - how awesome is this??? 
I love the large Moroccan entrance doors.

 photo coastalliving_zps8d738776.jpg
(Source: Coastal Living)
Adjacent to the pool area a small "shower house" doubles as a changing room for guests; its architectural, well-designed and practical.

 photo outdoorshower_03_zpsea04e05b.jpg
(Source: West Coast Design Illustrated)
Imagine being elevated on a cantilevered deck over the rustic landscape whilst taking a warm shower...
Somehow, I would always have to lean against the railing and sing out loud "My heart will go on"  (the theme song from Titanic by Celine Dion) 

 photo green-outdoor-showers_zps362943be.jpg
(Source: This Old House)
Some things don't need zhuzhing up, they're perfect just as they have been for decades...

 photo 874f112fda863b0c71541792bde9566e_zpse0ad0862.jpg
(Source: Coastal Living)
Simple, easy to build and out of the way.

 photo df2826f54553e759349b56be7e292651_zpsa270cd22.jpg
(Source: Trends Magazine)
From outside it looks like a charming stone garden wall; from inside it's a steamy, sexy, sun-soaked ablution garden...

Portable showers aren't so bad, especially in hard-freeze zones
 photo thesttockblogcanada_zps1e50b5a6.jpg
(Source: The Stock Blog)
This teak freestanding shower offers no privacy, but it's perfect for rinsing off the salt or chlorinated water

 photo jane-hamley-wells-waterfall20shower_zps48b58387.jpg
(Source: Jane Hamley Wells)
This well-designed free-standing shower has a stainless-steel frame and teak accents which hide the internal plumbing. This can be used by a pool or behind a huge-ass rock as shown here...

 photo 991283EBE42FA2733B14D1B75EB434_zps735af5f7.jpg
(Source: New England Home)
Out on a dock or by your beach access a shower is brilliant to wash all the crud off after a day (or night - wink-wink) on the beach.

 photo 100_2799_zps24d7b26d.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Cowabunga duuude!
After you've spent the day stoked up from the anklebusters you can get your bathymetry on with this rad short-board shower, dude.

 photo outdoor-shower-designrulZ-8_zps5af6ba0c.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
Perfectly disguised as a wall garden this simple wall shower is all one needs to get yo freshie-fresh on

 photo Loop-Shower-by-Diego-Granese-1_zpsb0057f11.jpg
(Source: Loop Shower, Diego Granese)
A+ for Design
E- for a residential shower
Really, you're going to have an awesome contemporary house and use a PVC shower/sculpture by your pool?
This is something that people who aren't original, or cant design use to garner ooh's and ahhh's...

 photo C4A95CAEEA551412491BA9DC60E66C_zpsb80e71df.jpg
(Source: Cottage Living)
The basic old-fashioned shower; it works perfectly and anything elaborate would look pretentious with this old shabby-chic style home.

Soaking tubs have gone to new levels!
 photo 484045_10151584817349993_556015399_n_zps29629919.jpg

 photo d389231479c47007_tahoe-house-outdoor-tub-l_zpsab961c07.jpg
(Source: Tahoe Design House)
Soaking in a warm teak tub with a fireplace on one side and the great outdoors all around....GTFO!

 photo la-punta-house-elias-rizo-arquitectos-designrulz-019_zps6d026e4f.jpg
(Source: Elias Rizo Arch.)
I'd be all prune'y from this tub 'cause I'd never get out of it....
It's bliss in stone!

 photo modern-home-Thailand-19_zpsc49d1e60.jpg
(Source: LeModerne)
The loggia of of this bedroom offers an amazingly discreet spot to soak your booty whilst soaking in the view-hoo-hoo

 photo stbarths_zpsd5ef3906.jpg
(Source: St Barths Monthly)
Who wouldn't switch from showers to baths if you had this outside your bathroom, riiiight?

 photo emmas-bog-outdoor-shower_zps68fdc662.jpg
(Source: Emma's Bog)
As I always say ... Less is more!

You Can Do It, I'm Here To Help!

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