July 8, 2013


 photo a41_zps23bd8827.jpg
(Source: MIles Redd)
Gone are the days of red, white and blue used only in Yankee style country homes, beach houses or boats. 
It's a perpetually classic combo
In one tri-color grouping you have clean, crisp and regal.


 photo a40_zpsc31c7cfa.jpg
(Source: JK Hotel, Capri, Italy)
Red, White & Blue are popular all over the world! 
One secret when using RW&B is to use a lot of white which keeps it from looking like a campaign's headquarters.

 photo 41_zps56ee8e50.jpg
(Source: Robert Stillin)
Neutrals with pops of red and a framed Old Glory as the 'interest-point' in the room makes it cozier and more casual, rather than another ubiquitous Warhol of Liz Taylor or Marilyn Monroe...

 photo 26_zps4848efc0.jpg

(Source: Branca Interiors)
This sagacious room in the Hampton's with multiple shades of blue with red pops creates the perfect place for your Gucci bag crew to chill.

 photo 45_zps026e5ade.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
A 'transitional' room with clean lines, solid colored upholstery zhuzhed up with modern art and traditional accessories. 
Simple = Successful

 photo a24_zpsf7674eef.jpg
(Source: Diamond-Baratta)
Boom! der it is, updated traditional!
An 'Early American' family room gets twisted up into fun space with vivid blue and red.

 photo domainehome_zpse51ecae2.jpg
(Source: Domain Home)
Bubby Pearls old Miami furniture looks awesome in RW&B!
(I'd lose the wimpy portraits though - bleh!)

 photo a36_zpsec00f750.jpg
(Source: Elle Decor)
I love in-yer-face elegance!
This  is the "New Traditional"

 photo 34_zps2bd064c8.jpg
 photo a30_zps87ab903d.jpg
(Source: John Knott & John Fondas)
LOVE this room!  It's the quintessential country house bedroom; it's cozy, bright, happy, and fits with the old house feeling. 
The two different toile's together are totally brill!

 photo 39_zps52864416.jpg
(Source: Pamela Hastings Interiors)
Don't all young boys want a boat-ish looking bedroom once they've outgrown the super hero thing?

 photo 42_zps243ba7b1.jpg
(Source: Coastal Living)
I loves me sum low-budge chic'ness!!
This patchwork spread has an old souvenir table cloth sewn onto it.

 photo 28_zpsb2437778.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Oooooo ain't we fancy now!
LOVE this assemblage.

 photo a25_zps80fc91bd.jpg
(Source: Diamond-Baratta)
This casual Nantucket home has been brought to the edge of insanity with bright red paint...however, it's totally fun for a few months! 
(I'd 'off myself' if this was my permanent residence, right??)

 photo a7_zps9aa28fbf.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Inexpensive second-hand furniture is easily overlooked with the sophisticated fabric and carefully used accents.

 photo a26_zps7a739345.jpg
(Source: Diamond-Baratta)
I'm sooo  tired of the wanna-be 'spa' indoor pools with their soothing  earth-tone colors and monotonous John Tesh music...  
Fuqdatshit, gimme some flash for my cash baby and some loud-ass,  music...

 photo 16_zps1aa1179c.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Guest room 101,  just do it.

 photo 31_zps80ae549b.jpg
(Source: Book - "Home Sweet Home, Sumptuous & Bohemian Interiors")
In this craycray bohemian pad the RW&B holds it all together and gives it a cool vibe. 

 photo 17_zps8c83d27d.jpg
(Source: Veranda)
Seaside porches scream for RW&B,  it's just sooo classic.

 photo a27_zpsc5268776.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Oh no she d'int...
Yup. And it works too, beotch...

 photo 23_zps31987173.jpg
 photo 15_zps5389d390.jpg
(Source: Toby Fairly)
OMG I love this room! 
Study the details and how ingeniously the budget was kept in check with recycled pieces simply painted and/or recovered (blue side chairs, blue wing chair, white center table).

 photo 22_zps9accfdd0.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Teenager doesn't want the boat shtick?
RW&B can help, but K.I.S.S.!!!  (keep it simple, stupid)

 photo 10_zps08db2a57.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Yes, RW&B with contemporary, go figure....

 photo 6_zps0847050a.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
The lacquered shelves complete the RW&B circle and make this room way more interesting than if they were white.

 photo 7_zps9bda8399.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Who says it has to be Navy blue?
This pale turquoise is a perfect pairing with the brilliant red.

  photo 27_zpse1ccbc9f.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Ahoy vey, throw me a line, sailor....


 photo campbells_zps4f3b5b17.jpg
Authentic old Campbell's Soup sign - hmmm, Andy who??

 photo A12_zps98b07d1b.jpg
(Source: Photobucket)
In this aerie the large American flag makes a vivid statement and compliments the pastiche of the old quilts and antiques.

 photo michaelcreightonADjohns_zps5f224355.jpg
(Source: Architectural Digest)
That $842,000(!) Jasper Johns, whilst being small, added an eye-catching point-of-interest in Michael Crichton's home.

 photo a39_zps688de77c.jpg
(Source: Citizen M Hotel, London)
Love the black 'envelope' with the Union Jack flag carpets and pillows as the only color.

 photo 19_zpsa9b26cd8.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Minimalism at its best
Less is always  more....

 photo 4_zpsc4961f62.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
This conjures up some good ol' American pride. 
Collection walls can often be heinous, but this one totally rocks.

 photo 3_zps74e071dc.jpg
(Source: New England Home)
This vividness of the flag on the stairway makes it a BFD in the design of the all-white space. The pillow compliments it and keeps the feeling flowing.

 photo jasperjohnsmichaelcreightonAD_zps4d4abb0a.jpg
(Source: Architectural Digest)
WTF.....$28,642,500.00  ?!?!?
(Yes, you read that right, Christie's fetched $28 MILLION for that Jasper Johns at Michael Crichton's sale)

 photo 37_zpsbf5e28f6.jpg
(Source: House Beautiful)
This tatty old American flag adds patina to this assemblage of art and objects. The contemporary red lacquered table and vivid blue-and-white striped rug update this space big time.

 photo A11_zps4087c3ee.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
AGAIN, bring more red into the room. 
An all blue room needs to be broken up with something else - it's just too damn blue...

 photo A8_zps8b7ad01f.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
Why not let one item be the attention get'er?
(It'd be better if it was four-times larger....jus sayin')

 photo 46_zps97883549.jpg
(Source: Southern Living)
This garage-playroom conversion would be boring as hell without that flag. It's big, bold and beautiful - like I like my lady's!

 photo 24_zps12625a43.jpg
(Source: Houzz)
This room filled with second-hand shit actually gets a pass because of the groovy old Red-Cross flag. 
(prolly nicked from a disaster site)

 photo A2_zps2a8e0e65.jpg
(Source: Country Living)
I find the small pillows with "July 4th"  and "Liberty"  completely twee.  I'm sure she also has a kettle of cinnamon sticks boiling on the stove...

 photo A14_zpsf0a2d779.jpg
(Source: Coastal Living )
  • Get $ 700.00 out of bank
    • Go buy the following:
  • $50. Plain white wall paint
  • $35. Blue ceiling paint
  • $90. Three blue sheet-sets from Home Goods
  • $30/pr. Cheap-ass life-rings from marine supply store
  • $200. Pleather chair from cheap used-furniture store
  • $275. New wood-tone dresser from Target
  • $20. Large American flag at Home Depot
Mix with elbow grease and enjoy undisturbed until kids are 20

 photo 44_zps65b3f6e2.jpg
(Source: Antiques Journal)
Yes, people still live like this in 2013

Our beautiful American Flag has been re-imagined by traditional, modern, contemporary and pop artists through the years!
 photo a33_zpsf5fcf282.jpg
 photo a32_zpseb84ca5b.jpg

 photo a17_zps7befb8ba.jpg
 photo a35_zps4f9de0c0.jpg  photo a15_zps53c46588.jpg

You can do it, I'm here to help!

 photo 100_0363_zpscee107a5.jpg
(31" x 24", acrylic on canvas; sienna, turquoise and pink by Joseph Paul Davis)

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