October 31, 2013


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Rooms That Scare Me!


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Dick Clark had this ridiculous stucco menagerie built in the desert to "blend in".....with what, the moon?
 photo Flinstones-designrulz-006_zpsc562818c.jpg
That silk ivy hanging over the fake rock cliff scares me...

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Here's a funny twist....
Zsa Zsa Gabor's house in Beverly Hills is so 70's tacky they used it for the movie "Behind the Candelabra," the Liberace movie...

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Liberace in his own tub at his home.
What's scarier, seeing Liberace in the tub or the bathroom itself?

 photo ZSAZSALIBERACE_zps02a1d7bb.jpg
Zsa Zsa's living room had all SEVEN portraits of her removed for the making of "Behind the Candelabra"

 photo ZSAZSA2_zps7a84771a.jpg
Zsa Zsa's pool before they zhuzhed it up for "Candelabra."
Scary Astro-turf with rust colored awnings says it all....

 photo RushLimbaugh_zps40c75181.jpg
What's more scary - imagining Rush Limbaugh boinking his wife in that bed, or the twee ceiling and pink silk upholstered walls of his NY apartment....
(that's a rhetorical question, don't answer!)

 photo joanrivers_zps00594e30.jpg
In her movie "Piece of Work" Joan Rivers gave a tour of her apartment shown here and said: "Marie Antoinette would've lived like this - if she had any money!" Now, that's scary!

 photo 02_zps6d3533d5.jpg
I think Joan Collins' Beverly Hills bathroom would be scary if you were Joan Collins with all those beveled mirror strips everywhere..

 photo get-attachment6_zpsb326c62c.jpg
Jayne Mansfield's living room was carpeted in pink wall-to-wall
 photo get-attachment10_zpsbbdc1337.jpg
as was her bathroom....top to bottom...

 photo graceland_zps1f69a5c5.jpg
Elvis' Graceland is still as it was when he died.
Wait....Elvis is dead ????
 photo elvismusicroom_zps9fdca3b9.jpg
It's horrifying what 150 yards of canary yellow polyester silk can do!
 photo elvisjungle_zps044d6dc0.jpg
Elvis' Jungle Room, it has green shag carpet on the floor AND ceiling.... now that's some scary shit!
 photo elvisplanelisamarie_zps13ec18df.jpg
And just when you thought it couldn't get any scarier...
Elvis' plane the "Lisa Marie"....

 photo tumblr_m6s0pkeqvh1qzoaqio1_500_zps1210ef1a.jpg
That's enough to scare you any night of the year!
Elton in Liz's bedroom...

 photo get-attachment54_zpsfe30b3d0.jpg
You just know Kirsty Alley makes cutesy heavily-iced pink cupcakes with huge smiley faces and sprinkles on top for her trick-or-treater's after seeing her kitchen
 photo get-attachment55_zpsd7c90d64.jpg
I'm sure men are lined up to get in that bedroom....

 photo ozzya_zps5d82b8e1.jpg
Knowing he's bitten the head off of a bat lessened the surprise that Ozzy and Sharon decorated this living room themselves!
 photo OZBOURNES_zpsced39be2.jpg
Their bedroom reflects their macabre attitude toward pastels

 photo CANDYSPELLING_zps5da8ba09.jpg
How scary is it that 68 year old Candy Spelling has a "doll room" and working theater for her doll collection???
 photo CANDYSPELLING3_zps86874273.jpg
This is Candy's foyer...Now that's freekin' scary, right?

 photo get-attachment9_zps449c4358.jpg
Regis and Joy Philbin must've liked that tapestry-patterned fabric as they used it everywhere in their Den-Of-Horrors.

 photo get-attachment6_zpsbce79e16.jpg
Bert Lancaster's Palm Springs bathroom would scare the shit out of anyone... 
 photo PALMSPRINGS_zps39129f1c.jpg
even if eating at that table didn't induce it....

 photo johntravolta_zps4cdedf1f.jpg
John Travolta's dining room feels like the diner at JFK with those airport murals...
If you look carefully you can see his Boeing 707 out of the window, sooo what's not scary about that?

 photo 06mattleblanc_zps2ed5293b.jpg
I'm scared of schizophrenic rooms!
Obviously, the three different patterned area rugs doesn't bother Matt LeBlanc...

 photo get-attachment37_zps9d7eb8e6.jpg
I'm horrified that Bravo's runaway "Housewives" shows are such huge hits

 photo 01_zps8b344167.jpg
Housewives of Dubai on line three!

 photo get-attachment41_zps81650e5e.jpg
The polychrome table is actually an octagon with an open center.
Is that where the scary belly dancers perform, maybe?

 photo get-attachment4_zps3c9cf06c.jpg
Trick-or-treater's pee will their pants when the door to this foyer opens and there's a freaky housewife with scary plastic surgery.

 photo 03_zps1dd0337c.jpg
This is where one of the Beverly Hills Housewives puts her scary costumes on. 

 photo lisamiami_zps81d0daa9.jpg
Lisa, one of the Miami Housewives successfully created a haunted house effect with her display of lifeless plants and flowers

 photo melissa-and-joe-gorga-new-jersey-mansion_zps11eca625.jpg
Melissa, a New Jersey Housewife has gone for the "completely dead look" for her family room.

 photo 05_zpscc955e39.jpg
Another NJ Housewife successfully makes her home look like a 19th century funeral parlor.

 photo get-attachment48_zps0209ff38.jpg
This Beverly Hills Housewife created a spooktacular living room.
I'd be scared to sit in there, wouldn't you?

 photo get-attachment47_zps12cd6378.jpg
Xaviera Hollander was happy to know her freaky home was purchased by a Bravo Star...

 photo get-attachment46_zpsdc0c0e19.jpg
Taylor's Beverly Hills dining room is perfect for Seance's... 
pity they don't communicate with a dead decorator...

 photo miami2_zps9d86e2c0.jpg
Khloe Kardashian eats scary amounts of food at this table...

 photo keepingupwihtthekardashians_zps2560cbf6.jpg
When the Munsters series went off the air Kim Kardashian was thrilled to buy their old stuff...

 photo rosie-odonnell-flips-out-in-new-york-city-2-610x377_zps14ef0f89.png
Yikes, Rosie O'Donnell's designer created a spooky dining room for her NY apartment, check out those ghostly/ghastly light fixtures.


 photo trump1_zps1b640850.jpg
Ah yes, we have the biggest monster of them all living in the penthouse of his eponymous "Trump Tower."
 photo TRUMP_zps609b0c55.jpg
Clearly the casino mogul believes in bringing his work home with him... 

 photo 04_zps607b5bad.jpg
A fifty foot long living room with a nine-foot high ceiling scares the hell outta me, guess it doesn't bother the Hilton's...

 photo 6howardslatkintmagazine_zps76ccf095.jpg
Howard Slatkin - the candle king - creates hauntingly similar rooms to old-moneyed ones
 photo 11howardslatkintmagazine_zpsed56b330.jpg
It's a frightful sight to see arriviste's spend so much money and appear so twee

 photo paris-hilton-dog-house3_zpsa8874e16.jpg
 photo paris-hilton-dog-house4_zps86321dcc.jpg
 photo paris-hilton-dog-house_zps7ecf7462.jpg
Paris Hilton's dog house is a true horror... 
tormenting her dogs with Pepto-Bismol pink and black crystal chandeliers...


 photo get-attachment21_zps8f985dd9.jpg
Gianni Versace, created a world-famous house in Miami which now, in retrospect, looks like one of the greatest haunted houses ever!
 photo get-attachment25_zpsdc5d28eb.jpg
The morgue where bodies of young men were inspected over dinner.
 photo get-attachment26_zps2b72eeb5.jpg
The torture chamber where young men were lured with hundred dollar bills....
 photo Gianni-Versace-home-7-thumb-550x361_zpsd31228bd.jpg
Guests were kept awake all night by rustling leaves in the trompe l'oeuil ceiling
 photo get-attachment27_zps894a34e8.jpg
Others were kept awake all night by loud echoes and synthetic fabrics.
 photo get-attachment20_zpsd8420d32.jpg
Wild birds and poisonous flowers surrounded these guests instilling fear of designs gone awry.

 photo valentino1_zps9ba7b294.jpg
Valentino's home mimic's the the great homes used in murder mysteries where dead bodies were dumped behind the decorations 
 photo item1renditionslideshowVerticalhosl02_valentino_zps5813578e.jpg
Valentino's Little Shop of Horrors... 

 photo irisapfel_zpsba4a449f.jpg
Iris Apfel (whom I adore) surely has a body or two hidden in that mysterious mound of chazerai... 

 photo get-attachment30_zps43094480.jpg
Run for your lives, they're everywhere!!
 photo suzy-q-better-decorating-bible-interior-design-blog-website-diane-von-furstenberg_zps37830e73.jpg
 photo DianeVonFurstenberg_zps84625ffd.jpg
To flee the flesh-eating portraits of herself everywhere Diane Von Furstenberg sleeps in an invisible cloak in her yurt...

 photo DaveDeMatteiandPatrickWadeluckybrand_zps4a1a6101.jpg
The owners of Lucky Brand Jeans, David and Patrick did the scariest thing ever....they decorated themselves...
Nothing like retail furniture to scare off demons - and why is there a potato under that console?

 photo dv1_zps9ef11214.jpg
"The Garden in Hell" 
 photo dv_zpse48f9612.jpg
Diana Vreeland's own interpretation of her apartment done by designer Billy Baldwin (I'm thinking this was a wicked vendetta!)

 photo designerBetseyJohnson2_zpse4811465.jpg
How scary is it that Betsy Johnson's apartment looks like Paris Hilton's dog house?
 photo designerBetseyJohnson_zps47aaa391.jpg
Glass block and attic stairs - now that some scary shit!


 photo CELINEDION21_zps6c1e8f47.jpeg
Celine Dion channels dead French royals for their advice when she builds a new home
 photo CELINEDION2_zps2d57247e.jpg
Wasn't this Norman Bates' mothers bedroom furniture?

 photo lorettalynn_zpseac9b27b.jpg
Even after she struck it rich Loretta Lynn "stayed country poor"
Surely a nightmare for the rest of us...

 photo BRITTANYSPEARS_zpsb1ddbac2.jpg
One of my greatest fears...White trash with money
Brittany Spears' "Macabre Manor"
 photo Britneyspearsrenting5_zps01a15a06.jpg
I guess the "pot-passers"are out of the shot? 
 photo britney-spears-new-home-5-1323711315-view-0_zps8ffc6df9.jpg
Ain't no wonder she can't keep a man when her bedroom looks like an ice-crypt.

 photo AndrewLloydWeber_zpsc5158ec2.jpg
A decorators worst nightmare - Andrew Lloyd-Webber - worth 1.2 billion and he decorates his NYC penthouse like a cottage in the English countryside with bits-and-bobs....

 photo waynenewton_zps286fbf04.jpg
Wayne Newton's Vegas home - my version of hell!
Baby blue with old lady French furniture and everything else gilded!

 photo eltonjohn_zpsd2c09cf6.jpg
Whats scarier than two adult men sleeping inside a dollhouse?
Elton John and David Furness living in Atlanta, I guess??

 photo tenn_zps9eff8107.jpg
Brad Paisley's purple crushed velvet living room has me mortified!

 photo christinaaguelera2_zps49f72dc5.jpg
The only thing missing from Christina Aguelera's foyer are black-lites to create the perfect haunted house.
 photo christinaaguelera3_zpsa5936b15.jpg
Only one thing scarier than a pool table in the living room and that's pinball machines: Check.
 photo christinaaguelera_zps7997ad96.jpg
Christina rents her dining room out for Murder-Mystery Parties.
The people who leave, leave petrified!

 photo christinaaguelera4_zps13b45bf1.jpg
I'm scared speechless!


 photo derek-jeter-sells-new-york-bachelor-pad-5-610x462_zps17c191da.png
Derek Jeter's sense of scale is frightening...

 photo barry-bonds-to-sell-beverly-hills_zps1797da69.jpg
What scares me the most is I think Barry Bond's wasn't doping, I think he was doing hormone replacement therapy to join Bravo's "Housewife" series...
 photo barry-bonds-to-sell-beverly-hills-mansion_zpsdd051eea.jpg
Low-end furniture in a high-end neighborhood scares the f*&k outta me

 photo 50Cents_zps230c9a5c.jpg
50Cent's bland, cavernous bedroom with mirrors above the ceiling scares the crap outta me!
 photo FIFTYCENT_zps6ebcd2ab.jpg
How scary is it that 50cent knows the lyrics to Fiddler on the Roof's "If I Were a Rich Man" 
There would be one long staircase just going up,
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show.


You can do it, I'm here to help!

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