July 17, 2014



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When pondering a deck, most of us envision trailer-trash homes in low-end subdivisions. 
You've seen them, those elevated platforms scabbed onto the sides of houses supported with skinny timbers. They look like one swift kick and the entire mess would come crashing down onto the busted-up lawnmowers and unused kiddie pools stored underneath.  photo IMG_5753_zps7c06bb21.jpg 

Like everything else in the design world... 
There are shitty decks and there are awesome decks.


 photo MontereylandscapedesignerBernardTrainor_zps6d65ac23.jpg
(Source: Bernard Trainor)
Wood decking seamlessly blends this sitting area into the landscape as the wood feels more organic than stone. The 'bridge' over the end of the pool is genius as it creates a break and textural interest.

 photo designrulz-ralston-avenue-31_zps80df2f35.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
Complimenting an earthy house set among the trees, the deck continues the woody theme down to the pool area. 
Stone or hard surfaces would interfere with the 'woodsy tone.' 

 photo designrulz-Rossetti--Wyss-Architekten-AG-016_zps7acb089d.jpg
(Source: Rossetti Wyss Architekten)
Contemporary often appears cold or inorganic. 
Here the wood balances the glass and stucco and feels completely unified with the trees planted within it.

 photo 1bf97d41740fd3566e44a43c4d59689e_zps65aab947.jpg
(Source: Photobucket)
Wood feels appropriate at the beach; it has a sensual, tactile reaction with the feet.  Stone is often too hot to walk on in the direct sun.


 photo use-designrulz_zpsa5bcfe7e.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
In bucolic scenarios it's important the architecture and its various components don't override the view.
Therefore, this deck feels like an extension of the 'horizontal plain' of the main house.

 photo australianhomeandgarden_zps852df72e.jpg
(Source: Australian Home and Garden)
This awesome dining pergola and bathing platform needed to be elevated to capture the views; the random platforms mimic the design of the pergola whilst creating an interesting progression upward. 

 photo DESIGN2_zpsdb5fab42.jpg
(Source: AD)
I'm a firm believer in  less-is-more! 
I love this secret '420' deck tucked into the hillside. 
It's unobtrusive, serves a purpose and feels very organic...

 photo homeizy_zpsbc28cb2f.jpg
(Source: Homeizy)
This outdoor space feels completely integrated with the porch and house as the clean lines, materials and paint scheme are kept simple. 
The permanent BBQ and banquette give the deck gravity. 
The trellis should be white or allowed to gray like the flooring, it looks like crap in a stain finish....jus' sayin'

 photo RamonEsteve_zpsb6fa6ab3.jpg
(Source: Ramon Esteve, Spain)
Stone paving would be too formal here and it would echo like an inner-city alley.... Wood creates a sensuality, absorbs sound and allows the rainwater to drain through. 

 photo IMG_5751_zpsea30fe22.jpg
(Source: Freshome)
Needin' some zhuzh for yer ranch home, hon? 
A wrap-around deck at threshold-level matches the shake-siding and breaks up the flatness of the patio..  

 photo GudmundurJonssonArchitect_zps55e0faa8.jpg
(Source: Gudmundur Jonsson, Norway)
The smaller-width boards in the deck compliment the soffit above keeping the design simple and coordinated.

 photo completedbyEliasRizoArquitectos_zps61253da4.jpg
(Source: Elias Rizo Arquitectos, Mexico)
This deck - like the roof-line, seems to float above the ground. 
The decks structural support elements are kept back, out of site, creating the floating effect.
Notice the gravel under the deck, it's a much better look than dirt or weeds!


 photo get-attachment8_zps69e3dac6.jpg
(Source: Designrulz, Australia)
This tiny Munchkin home utilizes their small deck to make their interior feel larger. By coordinating the direction of the floorboards outside with those inside, the house appears larger.

 photo 2_zpsc0d999d1.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
The principle rule with this home is contiguous lines.
When the sliders are open all materials run from inside to outside; the counters, floors and ceilings create a more open, lineal, boundary-less feel.

 photo get-attachment5_zps15538a24.jpg
(Source: AD)
By using the same material on the bath and deck floor the bathroom  now seems to be one large, open-ended room.

 photo Beverly-Hills-House-7_zps381237f6.jpg
(Source: Beverly Hills Architectural Review)
Major coin can buy you some big-ass opening walls!
However, using the same oiled mahogany inside and out is what nails the effect! 

 photo ArchitectArthurCasasD_zps183887d5.jpg
(Source: Architect Arthur Casas, Brazil)
Another freekin' amazing example of disappearing doors and coordinating the inside with the outside....soooo damn sexy!

 photo Tierra-Design-designrulz-023_zpsf1cccdb2.jpg
(Source: Tierra Design, Arizona)
Even if the glass doesn't open to the adjacent covered deck, it makes the interior appear twice as large by coordinating the woods direction.

 photo ProjectChinaARXarchitectsbyGeorgeNijlandonBehance_zpsd5e476b2.jpg
(Source: ARX Architects, China)
I'm totally in love with this house, natch, riiiight??
The glass walls of this Modern home were designed to be invisible, and the expansive decks contribute to the illusion. 


 photo wooden20deck20onto20pool-lg.jpg
(Source: Houzz)
This insane rectilinear pool with the rounded wooden deck create perfect balance; the stone edged pool relates to the lake and mountains while the wood deck relates to the forests.

 photo get-attachment17_zps744b37c1.jpg
Whoah, how awesome is that?? 
A small island in your own backyard!
The wood is a nice balance to all the cement a pool requires. 

 photo STELLE1_zpsfa44fb05.jpg
(Source: Stelle, The Netherlands)
For homes in the countryside with an informal vibe, wooden pool decks are the perfect solution as they feel like a boardwalk through the dunes. 
Also, if you have to accommodate "impervious surfaces" codes and can't have a cement pool - use a vinyl-liner pool with a wooden deck.

 photo designrulz_zps97a60ae9.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
Lets get jiggy on that deck! 
Craycray, right?

 photo DesignedbyEduardoHernandezChmexico_zps329fc8ec.jpg
(Source: Eduardo Hernandez, Mexico)
Balancing the cement, bricks and stone, the wooden sunning deck softens the look.
 An advantage of wooden pool decks is they don't radiate heat back up.

 photo RobertGurneyArchitect_zps0110cbf0.jpg
(Source: Robert Gurney, USA)
This contemporary home feels way more organic with the wooden decking reflecting the soffit material above.


 photo EdgartownMassachusetts_zps8a896ce1.jpg
(Source: Vinyard Magazine)
This unstained deck with painted railing blends in perfectly with the shingle style house. Keeping a deck in sync with existing details is paramount for traditional homes.

 photo get-attachment_zps439a34f8.jpg
(Source: Hampton's Cottages and Gardens)
This small balcony uses wood to blend in with the roof shingles. Wood feels good on bare feet, and the water will flow through it and out of scuppers.

 photo marieclairemaisoN_zps2fb14c15.jpg
(Source: Marie Claire Maison, Belgium)
Roof decks and balconies look like shit with just a rubber membrane or gravel to walk on. You want something on top of that membrane like a wood decking pallet system to make it look finished

 photo Buddhist-Retreat-12utah_zpseab44b42.jpg
(Source: Buddhist Retreat, Utah)
Second floor decks structurally need to be light-weight, making wood the perfect material. To appear as an integral part of the structure they need to blend in with the entire structure, so don't stain the deck some gawdawful color of cat-shit-yellow.

 photo DecoratorKseniaNikitinaMoscow_zpsa5ca1dc9.jpg
(Source: Ksenia Nikitina, Moscow)
Roof decks can be windy, so use built-in furniture, it's more practical and nothing blows around - or away.
Using the same material is best as it looks simpler and smarter.

 photo House-S-designrulz_zps1e4f2e56.jpg
(Source: House 'S')
Often, there are weight restraints when considering a roof deck.
Keep the lines and railing design simple and it wont look like a low-budge afterthought.


 photo 93e7cc85c393bb6663bed41397a4c3fb_zps8202eb3b.jpg
(Source: Houzz)
Add some style to your deck by using a border, or consider laying the timbers on a diagonal.  The reveal (space) between the two steps adds an interesting shadow detail, and can also have low light emitting at night to help light the way. 

 photo Burlingame-Residence-designrulz-1_zps41bb9b53.jpg
(Source: Designrulz)
Why have one narrow set of steps when you can make the entire garden feel more accessible?
(There's that bad orang'y redwood color again!)

 photo get-attachment7_zps8eb127ba.jpg
(Source: SAOTA )
Instead of long timbers in one direction, cut or score them in even sections and create a simple, architectural pattern which adds some texture and interest....
('cause God knows that lame-ass furniture ain't doing much for that deck!)

 photo Finestre-Villas-designrulz_zps40996009.jpg
(Source: Finestre Villas, Italy)
I think these narrower boards are super smart looking.

 photo DECKS2_zps03b9ab20.jpg
tension wire balustrade is the perfect thing for certain decks as it doesn't interfere with the view.

 photo 96fb7a2ee40a0d76f5de651de43b9041_zps75077288.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
This deck has a painted skirt-board around the outside edge and stair risers which gives it a clean line and hides the supporting structure beneath. The white banding matches the trim on the rest of the house.
(That planter bench is hideous - the white railing should be ALL the way around)

 photo get-attachment9_zpsc1c432de.jpg
(Source: Architectural Review)
The solid knee-wall around this deck makes the deck feel integrated into the structure as opposed to an add-on.

 photo 9f3638a86f9181b3c5454d505e60c740_zps5eef59cb.jpg
(Source: HandyMan )
If your deck is elevated above the ground and your not using a screening to hide the area under the deck, then make the exposed details good ones!

 photo exterior-orcas-island-retreat-heliotrope-architects_zpsac7c865f.jpg
(Source: Heliotrope Architects)
A well-designed bench wraps around this deck keeping people from falling off the edge; one part is solid and another elevated on steel legs to allow better air-flow through the house.

 photo byFDSArquitectosLavallejaUruguay_zps55888a99.jpg
(Source: FDS Arquitectos, Uruguay)
This deck wall has it all!  It's a bench; it's a wood storage bin; it's a privacy wall, and it holds an outdoor fireplace! 

 photo IMG_5764_zpsa31bc5f0.jpg
(Source: Freshome)
You want a beautiful deck, not a pile of  drek, am I right?
This custom railing has perfect proportion and scale, and is aesthetically head-and-shoulders above a 'stock railing' from Home Depot. 
(However, once again....DON'T STAIN A DECK CLEAR! It'll look like shit in 12 months and be a continuous headache forever!)

 photo 889a36c18161cfb5670f3c06f7cd0a01_zps15065d33.jpg
(Source: Pinterest)
This seaside home has a fully enclosed banquette built around its edge which serves as a safety barrier, a seat and a privacy wall. The untreated cedar naturally turns gray which blends in with the house.
(remember, when people are looking up at an elevated deck it doesn't need to be very high to obstruct their line of sight).

 photo IMG_5759_zpsbd5878a9.jpg
(Source: Family Handyman)
Hidden fasteners are a must for a smart looking deck.
Surface mounted screws or nails are skanky! 


 photo IMG_5745_zpsf565de21.jpg
That's a hot mess - so much work for such shitty results....
Remember, SIMPLE is always better!

 photo IMG_5743_zps25aa57b8.jpg
Thomas Chippendale would shit his pants if he saw this Chinese pattern being sold as ready-made pressure-treated railing sections.
Decks on Colonial houses  =  hot mess!

 photo 6434e5b1eb7b084ed7c6f90c28cdda22_zps40aaa03b.jpg
Nice house, nice deck, nice details, heinous color! 
This home should have a deeper taupe-tone stain or let it age naturally to a driftwood color.

 photo get-attachment15_zpsf07edfe5.jpg
Why's there a railing around this deck?  
Most codes don't require a railing until the drop-off is over 30"
An extra step wrapping the entire circumference of this deck would be so awesome, and it would make the deck feel more expansive.

 photo get-attachment16_zps626ad31f.jpg
Never, ever stain your deck 'redwood' orange.
There's no wood in nature that's that color!

 photo FGJGJG_zpsf6849382.jpg
Got that deck design right out of one of those "Handy Helper" magazines at the Home Depot didn't ya?

 photo IMG_5746_zpsfc0d15b7.jpg
Really, a deck in your front yard, seriously??
(If you use those railing pickets I authorize your neighbors to make fun of you)

 photo IMG_5752_zps52c2213a.jpg
Leaving the underside of a deck open is like no curtains on your bathroom window - ain't nobody wanna see your junk... 

You Can Do It, I'm Here To Help!

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