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The 19th century's "middle-class" left behind an unprecedented inventory of housing, and with it copious amounts of ornatious furnishings and decorations which have been treated heretofore as, well, ghastly....

For example, Queen Victoria's private rail-car... photo vickystraincarr_zpsb1a65e4d.jpg

T  H  A  T    W  A  S    T  H  E  N,    B  U  T    T  H  I  S    I  S    N  O  W!

V  I  C  T  O  R  I  A  N     H  O  M  E  S
I  N    T  H  E    2 1 st    C  E  N  T  U  R  Y 

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(Source: Sheila Bridges)
This rooms strong architecture was left in tact and balances the cooler, simpler mid-century modern decor. 

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By using a minimalist, modern approach the furnishings don't overplay the glorious plaster-work in the room. 

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(Source: Miles Redd)
Victorian architecture is often brooding or masculine, but here, the bold blue usurps the ornate fireplace and crown moulding, making it feel brighter and more feminine.  

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(Source: Jeffrey Bilhuber)
A mish-mosh of furniture; Victorian, English, Asian and French all fit seamlessly in this whitewashed Victorian townhouse.

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(Source: Australia)
Many historic districts restrict the owner from altering the facade and requiring what's visible from the street to be "period appropriate." But who says you can't get your freak on behind the hedges?

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A typical narrow Victorian entrance hall is made brighter by keeping it simple and using a high-gloss floor finish, which reflects the light through the windowless hall.

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(Source: Marcheldens)
The room is Beaux arts - the chairs are tweaked-up Victorian reproductions mashed up with some modern pieces - and it works!

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(Source: Diamond-Baratta)
An old, shingle-style Victorian beach house kicks it up with re-cycled Victorian furnishings.

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(Source: House Beautiful)
A "high-Vic" house combines Frenchie-fied Victorian with real period French furniture. The crisp black and white looks modern and "feels right" in the space.

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Oh! No she di'nt....
Yup, blew that dark, nasty old dining room out and popped in a kick-ass kitchen...

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(Source: Miles Redd)
For the traditionalist: Regency decor fits quite nicely into 
this Georgian-ized Victorian home.  

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(Source: Greg Natale)
Rooms in Victorian townhouses are usually an enfilade of dark and small spaces parallel to a narrow hallway. Here, all superfluous walls were blow out to create an open, more modern floor plan.

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(Source: Hubert Zandberg)
Victorian homes either had no  bathroom or a very small, primitive one. Don't renovate the small, existing one, conjoin it with one of the other rooms - spread out, relax. 

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(Source: Sheila Bridges)
By adding bookcases and paneling to this room whilst retaining the original fireplace, the space retains its 'old house' warmth and charm.

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(Source: Stoel Emerald)
'Decorating trends' seem more decennial, therefore, houses will endure dozens of makeovers in its life. It's nice to find the original architectural details have remained and not removed for some heinous provisional decor.

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(Source: Casper-Vissers)
Yes, you can have a contemporary interior in a Victorian house!

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Yes, you can have an trendy decor in a Victorian house!

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Yes, you can have an eclectic decor in a Victorian house!

V  I  C  T  O  R  I  A  N    F  U  R  N  I  T  U  R  E
IN    T  H  E    2 1 st    C  E  N  T  U  R  Y

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This farshtunken old caterpillar morphed into a sexy butterfly!

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(Source: Maggi & Griffey) 
Love this wacky mix with the modern table, Empire console and Victorian chairs covered with Louis Vuitton vinyl...  

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(Source: House Beautiful)
A Victorian "Eastlake" style armchair painted and recovered is charming and whimsical at the same time. 

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(Source: McCall Designs)
Gilt-plaster Victorian mirrors have come full circle as we now appreciate them for their schmaltz and scale.

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(Source: Lonny)
An Eastlake settee and coat-tree work amazingly well in this funky-ass room.

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(Source: Marie Claire)
These two Victorian Rococo armchairs shoot a little breeze up the skirt of this French country house! 

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(Source: House Beautiful)
Contemporary decor gets a dose of whimsy with this Victorian 'Eastlake' side chair juxtaposed with the primitive plank table

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(Source: Elle Decor)
Need a single chair to bring a lot of style and patina to a room?
 Victorian Rococo...Done! 

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(Source: Toma Clarke Haines)
The Victorian chairs offer humor and make the space less precious...(sorta)

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(Source: Country Home Design)
I LOVE this juxtaposition!
French faux-bois garden table, primitive art and an Anglo-Indian Victorian Rococo chair upholstered in cowhide......snap!

V  I  C  T  O  R  I  A  N     F  U  R  N  I  T  U  R  E
R  E - P  U  R  P  O  S  E  D     

 photo VICTORIANBLOGPO_zpseb8c26d6.jpg
These Victorian Rococo settee's would look a-m-a-z-i-n-g  in a bedroom, nursery, beach house or cabana  

 photo VICTORIANBLOG2LK_zps8d199bb8.jpg

 photo VICTORIANBLOG6LK_zpsd1bdadbb.jpg

 photo VICTORIANBLOG5PO_zps9c6d63b8.jpg

 photo VICTORIANBLOG8LK_zps2917f402.jpg

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 photo VICTORIANBLOG4LK_zps19f77f43.jpg

 photo full_Chairloom_BA_VictorianSofaJRfDPO_zps7684e31d.jpg

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 photo VICTORIANBLOG-001_zps42fd4a26.jpg

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R  E  A  L  L  Y    B  A  D    V  I  C  T  O  R  I  A  N

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New/reproduction Victorian furniture makes me gag....

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Palette hand picked by the Easter Bunny...

 photo throne-by-caspani_zps15ec2c19.jpg
Ever wonder where Macy's gets their Santa Claus chairs?

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Really, you want to live like this, huh?

 photo cbddb2b59e1a34e52a1c17686f0cb143_zps012341c0.jpg
Disney Rococo?

 photo freshome3_zps9e4e6f52.jpg
Gold radiator pain on the tin ceiling? Barf-o-rama...

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There's good Victorian, and there's bad Victorian.

 photo cabinetattributedtotheHerterBrothers_zps400ca818.jpg
Too museum'y

 photo nycottagesandgardens23_zps4f24c6ba.jpg

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This is perfect for the nursing home lobby...

 photo rosecliffralphlaurenhomehabituallychic_zpsb2387cfa.jpg
Too cute  -  wayyyyy  too cute....

 photo Office-of-Toma-Clark-Haines-The-Antiques-Diva2_zpsbd508906.jpg

To begin to understand the Victorian style, which began at the end of the Georgian era you have to understand some of the social and industrial movements of the time.
Click this link for a very interesting synopsis. 
The Victorian Era

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