November 8, 2015



 photo drysdale_zpssgkde2ft.jpg
A color that needs to be used with restraint!
If I hear another decorator say they're painting a room "Hermes orange
I will totally barf all over their Goyard bag.
First of all, Hermes orange rooms have been done like a million times, OK?
Secondly, get your own life….


Orange is fresh, bright and cheerful - use it as an accent with white, neutrals or other equally bright colors (lime, turquoise, etc.)

 photo 1original-82_zpst1ikoekm.jpg
(Source: New England Home)
Bright orange throws some fo-shizzle into this sober grouping.

 photo 1 pinterest-coral_rug-resized-600.jpg_zpsp0md0drx.jpg
(Source: Nicky Haslam)
Not the main player in this game, but the orange is important as it butches up the pink and redefines this stuffy English room for a new generation.

 photo lynn morgan design.2_zps4pl6nmjb.jpg
(Source:Lynn Morgan)
Fuchsia with tangerine is HOT, HOT, HOT - but it only works because of the solid fabrics and white backgrounds.

 photo 2-voss-street-kitchen_zpscucjecwl.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
This kitchen would be too "safe" looking if you pulled out the orange accents!
(they could lose the rug tho...)

 photo 1mary drysdale.jp_zpsuruzsamg.jpg
(Source: Mary Douglas Drysdale)
Antiques can feel old and tired...
By juxtaposing them in a pared-down space with a bold color and modern art it can create a fresh new vibe.

 photo orange-kitchen___zpsbihydedx.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
This kitchenette takes on a fun personality in orange, looking less 'utilitarian'.  

 photo decorator Jamie Drake_zpsv0mwtxd4.jpg
(Source: Jamie Drake)
If you simply take your hand and cover the orange chair in this photo you'll notice the whole room goes flat; the ONE orange chair makes the entire scheme work.

 photo furniture-remerkable-orange-fabric-super-couch-with-set-back-track-arms-and-round-black-leather-coffee-table-as-well-as-mode_zpsbaww5tu2.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
Porches and loggias can benefit from bright orange as it's boldness makes a statement against the masses of green outdoors.

 photo interior designer Katie Ridders_zpskpgcgako.jpg
(Source: Katie Ridder)
Cheap and Chic!
A few pillows and a curtain hiding a shitty view or an AC unit and boom you have a kickin' patio.

 photo 46ea2960f643b7918dd852363d35f18c_zpsxjw7ybej.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
A perfect example how orange can take the 'edge' off of a space thats almost too serious, making it more fun and approachable.

 photo THOMAS JAYNE MAYBE NOT SURE_zps9cqbxycz.png
(Source: Thomas Jayne)
Traditional environments can easily become boring and bland, but the slightest pop of orange can snap it up!

 photo orange-headboard-guest-room-s_zpsdw0vowdg.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
This headboard adds just enough color to make this room kewl.
You have to be careful with orange as an accent, it's way too easy to use too much!!

 photo interior designer Katie Ridders  GOOD ROOM_zpsebylesbe.jpg
(Source: Katie Ridder)
LOVE this light fixture, its just enough!

 photo Amie-Corley_zpswo7evcqc.png
(Source: Amie Corley )
Very pretty and brilliantly crisp, the orange make it happy!

 photo grey-and-orange-bathroom-orange-bamboo-mirror-grey-chevron-tile-floor_zps0jtszg67.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
Touches of orange give this boring bath a funky-retro vibe

 photo 1hbx-orange-bathroom-1114-s2_zpsov4oxhra.jpg
(Source: House Beautiful)
 A humorless bath is made more fun by adding the lacquered mirrors and the casual throw-rugs
(but four rugs?)

Deeper tones of orange like persimmon or pumpkin create a modern, cozy feel if used with other warm tones.
 photo 420613cdc05537c1b830444d02aeb7f4_zpsum6et9jw.jpg
(Source: Unknown)  
Look how quickly orange can go from cool and crisp 
to cozy and  elegant….

 photo jayne orange.PNG_zpsrje1pnlo.jpg
(Source: Thomas Jayne)
I think orange walls are usually too much...
but in this mud-room the persimmon is brilliant.

 photo michaelFullen_CrystalCove02_zpslqrebwyy.jpg
(Source: Michael Fullen)
Does it get any better than this??

 photo 1maison arab_zpsionqfnfc.jpg
(Source: Maison Arab)
Pastels look stupid in desert-type climates. 
Oranges are part of their natural landscape - it feels right. 

 photo 15_thumb255B1255D_zpsvuygolmm.jpg
(Source: Unknown)
An old-world Beaux-arts space uses a softer, warmer shade of 
orange called  Bittersweet!

 photo 1giorgio-armani-s_zps7drhrq0n.jpg
(Source: Giorgio Armani) 
Giorgio Armani's own ski lodge in St. Moritz is off-da-freekin'-hook combining dark wood-tones with bright orange making it brighter and happier.

 photo MaryMcDonald_p167_zpsmuestpp7.jpg
(Source: Mary MacDonald)
You don't even need to have a lot of orange - small bits-and-bobs can do the trick.

 photo EDC080114brockschmidt02-xln_zpsyev3ycvc.jpg
(Source: Brockschmidt)
Without the orange wing chair we'd have at another dowdy living room.

 photo Simon-Brown-house-2apr14_pr_b_426x639_zpsks3moibx.jpg
(Source: Simon Brown)
Even low-budge rooms can come alive with just a simple coverlet.

 photo 1fall-colors-02_zpsn57jxxot.jpg
(Source: AD)
Its important to realize the overall palette needs to be simple to give the large orange painting its props

 photo katie ridder book living room orange sofa cococozy_zpsgvmrhunx.jpg
(Source: Katie Ridder)
One orange sofa and you're done, you don't need any more impact; balance it with neutrals and whites for crispness


 photo Bathroom-Designs-Chic-orange-ceramic-tiles-flooring-in-Fancy-orange-and-white-bathroom-design-inspiration-with-glass-cloiste_zpsuxwgpun3.jpg
Imagine waking up to that first thing in the morning....

 photo Designer-bathroom-wall-tiles_zpstxgwnje0.jpg
Another housewife with a gold Amex...

 photo color-5-1009-de_zps54oh8e3l.jpg
Nice try, but no cigar....

 photo CI-Jean_Larette-orange-living-room-beautiful-view.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960_zpsjux54hxw.jpg
Who thought THAT was a good idea??

 photo 9_Katharine-Pooley-_zps4otjbxhx.jpg
Just back from their first trip to Morocco and thought they'd replicate a riad in their Cedarhurst McMansion...

 photo 9798baff-d044-4913-aa26-fb0dc5244109.1.10_zps3h1y2058.jpg
I'm sposin' they thought "shades of orange" would distract from the revolting architecture...

 photo orangeroom1_gal_zpspeou5ju7.jpg
Where do I begin with this train wreck…
1. Chandelier 3' too high  2.Walls too deep color orange   3. Pine table with mid-century chairs?  4. Enormous lambrequin - in brown?  5.Teeny-weenie wall art  6.Rug and curtain fabric totally mismatched….  

 photo bold design3_zpsa3ad0xix.jpg
Looks like a set from "Decorating on a Dime"
(You just can't paint the walls orange and think you're done)

 photo orange-room-design-ideas-4_zpsdipgqywd.png
Schizophrenic would be a nice word...

 photo orange-bathroom-decorating-ideas-4_zpseytr8z8a.jpg
Orange bathrooms are a appalling...
They never, ever, ever work!

 photo 10.10.14Formalcoastaldiningroomwithpumpkinpaintedwalls_zps0fc067tf.jpg
Really, Elle Decor?

 photo orange-kitchen-in-the-interior_zpszqr2x4ki.jpg
It's a nice kitchen, but why would you want to make the blinds on the skylight or those cheap-shit stools stand out? 
They should've used a large (orange) piece of art on the right-hand wall or a white and orange rag rug under the seating area.

You Can Do It, I'm Here To Help!

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