July 31, 2017



Recently, theres been lots of publications showing homes with 'horse art' or 'horse stuff' as decor.
If you ride, breed, invest, bet, groom or even appreciate horses - great, do it, if not - it's like having golf or fishing decor around if you don't golf or fish - totally pretentious. Im an ocasional rider and I don't have horsey stuff around, yet Ralph Lauren has made millions pretending to be
an equestrian whilst selling the lifestyle to hippophobes
living on cul-de-sacs in Pittsburg. 

The number one rule in Interior Design, regardless of style, is "never have too much of anything." You don't want horse wallpaper with horse blankets and horse photos on your walls, it'll look fake-as-shit.

One of my favorite spaces of all time!
Edited, bright and not pushy.

The marquess' prized horses line his
country house's stair hall in England. 
And no, this won't work in Miami...

These portraits of horses add an old-world tone
to this paneled room

Casual and sporty with a touch of country
is always a good look.

Georgian architecture lends itself to equestrian
style homes as we immediately conjur images of grand English manor houses. The distressed Italian table and chandelier bring down the tone nicely.

 Jockey Silks are specific to a barn or the owner, so barns or owners may trick out their tack room, office, barn or even their homes in the silk colors, like this door in this entry hall

A posh living room is anchored by a massive 1920's equestrian portrait - which adds patina, personality and gravitas to an otherwise banal room


Probably one of the most authentic bedrooms for active equestrians; riders, Mark Badgley and James Mischka's Connecticut country home.

My client in the Palm Beach Polo Club wanted handsome and simple - so he got natural linen, rattan and raffia.
The photograph, which totally makes the room, is of Secretariat in the final stretch winning the Triple Crown in 1973

An old-fashioned vibe with modest furnishings - and that wallpaper is everything!

Im lovin' this Hermés knock-off spread

Just these two prints give a nice horsey touch to this space.
Too much "themed" stuff and it begins to look like a shop window….


Horse people aren't always preppy or "safe" with their interiors. These few subliminal touches like the wooded-scene, horse sculpture and saddle-colored leather seats bring it home.

With a wall of horse photographs there's no possibility you don't get this is a horse-lovers home

A series of three black-and-white photos appear modern and
orderly, not overdone

Saddle-colored leather, cow-hide and wicker. Done.

Just the single sculpture and the zebra-skin make the statement, it doesn't need anything else.

 Christian Liaigre is one of the worlds leading contemporary furniture designers and is a renowned equestrian

Fun, cheerful space, could be a lounge in a
barn or an apartment in the city.
You don't need Hermés to be horsey either

Kelly Klein's former home was so chic - she has, like all riders, dirty dogs, boozey friends, manure laden boots and no free time, so this slip-covered look is easy-breezy

I know, right?


This stairwell feels warm and organized with the watercolors stacked evenly.

A mudroom bordering on the pretentious - but still charming
 with hat boxes, riding boots, ribbons and tweeds

Authentic granny-chic


I love the table legs…but those Gucci purses displayed in the bookcase are too "Housewives Of Jersey"

A real horse persons home…
To hell with decorating, nothing matters but the horses!

Fake trophies, fake hay, fake helmet...
NOT equestrian-style

A touch-of-pony in this laundry room is perfect!

Engravings of bits and saddles combined with the old Mexican saddles is spot-on!

Wondering what do to with your daughters ribbons?
Find an old frame, remove the mirror or art and spray it to match her room.



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